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In this increasingly web-centric age, we can help you adapt to cloud-based solutions for all of your business requirements. We can update your legacy systems or develop new technology to assist with whatever you need. Our repertoire includes everything from renovating user interfaces to innovating new UX solutions. Whether it’s implementing a new business application or integrating with existing enterprise solutions, we can help.

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How we work

We have designers embedded in our teams with the ability to tackle any design problem. As well as this, our teams also have extensive experience in UX design and can work closely with you to get the most out of your application. As a consequence, we will develop an application that you can be proud of and which delivers results.

A big part of developing an idea is experimenting as early as possible. We believe in getting mock-ups as a working solution in your user’s hands as early as possible to help you validate ideas and anticipate problems. This flexibility ensures you always end up with a product that works and avoids unexpected problems and rework.

We have the facilities and expertise to perform user testing on site. Your users are the most important aspect which is why we will work with you to fulfil your user’s needs.

Our continuous delivery methodology means we quickly get to work developing and keep you in the loop. We aim to show progress early and deliver as often as possible. This methodology reduces risk to projects by limiting time before any mistakes are found.

Just because we have launched doesn’t mean we are finished. It’s important that our customers get great life time value. We will always make ourselves available to you to improve the product or make changes.

Areas we can help...

Let us help you realise your ideas. Working with you and your users, we can create web sites and applications through every stage, from initial user experience to post deployment support. Be it production scale management applications, website themes from scratch or modernisation and maintenance, we can make your vision a reality.

Our experience with full stack development can help you overhaul your systems from front to back-end. Having worked with legacy systems, material design and the bewildering array of frameworks out there, we can help you create a modern front-end to suit your business needs. For third party integration and rich web applications, we can assist you with the design, development and deployment of RESTful APIs.

It is important for your application to work wherever it is deployed. With the plethora of web browsers and devices in the connected world, this poses an ever increasing burden of development. Let us help you create applications that are usable and stable between mobile, desktop and the browser that your customers need. Should you require it, we can also create native mobile applications for Android, iOS and more.

Our world is enjoying an unprecedented level of connectivity, bringing staggering numbers of users to the web. We can help you make your applications and services ready to meet demand when it comes. Working with you, we can help you manage and utilise the power of the cloud.

As web sites and applications reach an ever increasing audience, it is a responsibility to develop solutions that do not exclude any user. We will work with you and your users to ensure everyone has access to your services. Our experience with the challenges of accessible web application design (particularly for the visually handicapped or impaired user) can help you avoid critical user experience issues.

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