Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


ThinkFree Print™ enables a variety of content types to be printed to networked printers via Wi-Fi, USB, and Bluetooth connections.

A variety of different content types can be printed, including Microsoft Office® documents, Adobe® PDF documents, pictures, and web pages. Some applications with the appropriate Print Intent support can also send their documents via a print button function to ThinkFree Print™ for printing. The discovery and configuration of most printers is performed automatically allowing printing to be achieved with very few user actions.


What can I print with ThinkFree Print?

ThinkFree Print can print the Office documents (word, excel, powerpoint), PDFs, photos/pictures, and web pages.

Does my mobile device need to have Microsoft Word®, Microsoft PowerPoint® and Microsoft Excel® installed to print those documents?

No, your mobile device does not need Microsoft Office®. ThinkFree Print supports printing of the common office document types.

Do I have to open ThinkFree Print to print or can I print from the document I am viewing?

ThinkFree Print supports the Android print system. If an application is print-enabled, select the ‘Print’ or ‘Share’ option from within the application.

What Printers can I use?

ThinkFree Print supports most inkjet and laser printers. A list of supported printers is available from the ‘About’ page in the app.

Do I need to use a PC or a Printer Driver to Print using ThinkFree Print?

No. ThinkFree Print supports printing directly to printers connected via Wi-Fi, USB, or Bluetooth.

Do I need to have Wi-Fi switched on to print?

Yes, if you want to print to a networked printer. ThinkFree Print uses Wi-Fi to connect with the printers on your network. Wi-Fi does not need to be switched on for USB printing.

Can I connect to a printer using a USB connection?

Yes. ThinkFree Print supports printing via a USB connection.

How does my printer need to be connected?

The printer needs to be connected via Wi-Fi Access Point, Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth, or USB.

ThinkFree Print says my printer is incompatible. Why is this?

There are a number of potential reasons, but the most likely reason is that the printer language for your device is not supported. In some cases ThinkFree Print may offer the opportunity to print a test page to verify your printer compatibility.

Can I print to a remote printer over 3G or the internet?

Currently this is not supported.

How do I select the printer I want to use?

If a printer has been previously discovered and saved in ‘My Printers’, it can be selected from the ‘My Printers’ tab of the ‘Printer Settings’ screen. If the printer is not saved as a favourite, it can be discovered using the ‘Add printers’ button on the ‘Printer Settings’ screen. Alternatively, the printer you want to print with can be selected from your list of favourites after the desired document to be printed has been selected.

How do I log on to the Wi-Fi network that has my printers?

Wi-Fi network access is controlled by the Settings menu of your mobile device. Enter ‘Settings’, then ‘Wireless & networks’, then ‘Wi-Fi settings’. From Wi-Fi Settings connect to the required Wi-Fi network.

Why am I getting a “Screen overlay detected” dialog?

If you see this dialog when you first run ThinkFree Print, please close any apps that use an overlay. A commonly installed application that uses overlays is Facebook Messenger’s “Chat Head”.

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